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Menstrual and fertility calendar
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We are monitoring the risks of 7 diseases
Lucy uses an algorithm developed under the supervision of medical specialists, to let you know if you should visit your gynecologist.
The algorithm can also recognize diseases which might occure in case of a problem. The algorithm is able to recognize the following diseases:
  • endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • myoma
  • ovarian cysts
  • pelvic inflammation
  • diabetes
  • IR
More precise medical diagnosis and treatment
Lucy collects relevant data from your notes, and creates a summary that can help your doctor evaluate your medical condition more precisely, allowing him to prescribe a more accurate treatment if needed.
Menstrual and fertility diary
  • Helps family planning by letting you know when you are fertile
  • Notifies you before your expected menstruation
  • Notifies you if you can expect PMS symptoms the next day*
  • Tells you to take your contraceptive - or other medication - in time*
  • If you are expecting, Lucy helps you keep track of your pregnancy (which week you are in, when the baby is expected)
  • It helps you keep track of changes in your weight
* This feature will be available soon.
You deserve the greatest chance for a healty female life
1 in 5 women are affected by some type of gynecological disease in the world. Often these diseases can only be diagnosed over the course of many long years. It might happend that they try to get pregnant for years without any results. Because of the ambiguity of physical symptoms, patients may be misdiagnosed and therefore not receive effective treatment. We’ve heard countless heartbreaking stories.
“Regularly recorded symptoms are a great help in making an accurate diagnosis and in getting timely help from a medical specialist if needed.“
Dr. Attila Bokor Ph.D.Obstetrician-gynecologist
“Lucy’s Knowledge base is a sure starting point if you have any questions about your women’s health or your cycle.”
Adrienn Salamon’Together it’s easier’ For Women’s Health Foundation
"Using Lucy regularly is an effective way to get to know your women's health and to keep you healthy for a long time."
Dr. Gabriella MárkiApplied Health Psychologist
What are you carrying?
Lucy is a women's health app that helps you to better recognise what you're carrying around. Watch our video to get inside the bags of local influencers to find out what they're carrying, and not just in their bags...
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